From Cricket Fest on the Sunshine Coast of Australia to the International Youth soccer tournament in Brazil to women's rugby in Fiji, Intersport Global have got your sport covered.

Let our professional team organise every aspect of your next domestic or international tournament.

9 Day Sports & Sightseeing Tour of NZ

From Christchurch to Methven/Mt Hutt to Greymouth this tour has a bit of everything. See parts of New Zealand as well as play your favourite sport against local teams.

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9 Day Sports & Sightseeing Tour in Fiji

Play two games and attend two coaching clinics in Fiji as well as some excursions to experience the Fijian way of life.

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12 Day Multi-Sports Tour in China

From the Forbidden City to The Great Wall, there's plenty to see on this tour. Why not take your School's best teams to China to play their favourite sports in addition to exploring this marvellous country?

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11 Day Netball Tour in New Zealand

Stay in Christchurch and Queenstown on this tour playing 6 competitive games and sightseeing in New Zealand.

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10 Day Singapore & Malaysia

Play Netball, or perhaps Rugby, Cricket, Hockey or Soccer in Singapore and Malaysia immersing yourself in the culture of these two countries as well as making new friends, improving your team bonds and sightseeing.

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11 Day Tour of New Zealand's South Island

Take in the South Island of New Zealand and experience this "100% pure" country. Play your favourite sport in various locations on the island with local teams. A great way to meet new friends and experience their culture.

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10 Day Tour of New Zealand's North Island

Sightsee around the North Island in New Zealand and play your favourite sport with your club or school team against local New Zealand teams.  A great way to immerse yourself in the picturesque surroundings as well as practicing your sport with the locals.

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8 Day Tour of the Gold Coast, Australia

Visit the beautiful Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia.  Offering so much from the mountains to the oceans, beautiful hinterland with cascading waterfalls and adventurous bushwalks to soft, sandy beaches of the Gold Coast tourist strip.  Great opportunities for shopping, swimming, visiting local theme parks and if there's time perhaps enjoy a couple games of your favourite sport with local teams.

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15 Day South Africa Sports and Sightseeing Tour

Take a tour of South Africa and experience its natural beauty, world class facilities, adventure, good weather and wildlife.

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10 Day Malaysia Cultural & Sport Tour

Tour Malaysia whilst delving into their diverse culture with a chance to play your favourite sport against local teams.

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