12 Day Multi-Sports Tour in China

From the Forbidden City to The Great Wall, there's plenty to see on this tour. Why not take your School's best teams to China to play their favourite sports in addition to exploring this marvellous country?

Sample Itinerary: 

 You may choose any dates to travel on this tour.

Day 1

Arrive in Beijing, China. Check into your accommodation and settle in.

Enjoy a Welcome Dinner at a Chinese Restaurant.

Day 2

Visit Tiananmen Square and the Forbidden City.

Located at the centre of Beijing City is Tiananmen Square, where you can visit Tiananmen Tower, Monument to the People’s Heroes, Great Hall of the People, Mao Zedong Memorial Hall and see the national flag raising ceremony. Thousands of people come to the Square every day. It is the must place to visit in Beijing City. At the north end of the Square is Tiananmen Tower. Initially built in 1417 during the Ming Dynasty (1368 A.D. – 1644 A.D.), the Square was the front door of the Forbidden City. Apart from the complex of immovable palace buildings, the Palace Museum houses over 1.5 million items or sets of relics. Over 8,000 of them are designated as first-class relics. Ancient architectural relics and other cultural relics fall into 25 categories, which are further divided into 69 sub-categories. Those used for government affairs and daily life are displayed in their original places; such works of art as porcelain, paintings and calligraphy, jewellery, clocks, stone drums, and bronze wares are kept in special halls. There are also halls for short-term exhibitions. The museum is open to the public all year round.

Play three game matches in the afternoon.

Day 3

Visit the Temple of Heaven and Silk Street.

The Temple of Heaven in the southern part of Beijing and is China's largest existing complex of ancient sacrificial buildings. Occupying an area of 273 hectares, it is three times the area of the Forbidden City. It was built in 1420 for emperors to worship Heaven. The principle buildings include the Altar of Prayer for Good Harvests, Imperial Vault of Heaven and Circular Mound Altar. The Altar of Prayer for Good Harvest, 38 metres in height and 30 metres in diameter, stands on a round foundation built with three levels of marble stones. A circular wall of polished bricks known as the Echo Wall encloses the Imperial Vault of Heaven. The Circular Mount Altar, south to the Imperial Vault of Heaven, is where the Emperor prayed to heaven. At the centre lies a round stone called the Centre of Heaven Stone that echoes when a visitor speaks loudly when standing on the stone.Visit the Birds Nest Stadium and Watercube.

The national stadium is located at north 4th ring of Beijing city, the south part of Beijing Olympic Green. Due to the structure of this stadium which is similar to a huge steel-made bird’s nest when overlooked from above, it is commonly known as a Bird’s Nest by the locals. This huge Bird’s Nest was the destination where the opening and closing ceremony of 29th Beijing Olympic year 2008 took place. The construction of National Stadium was started in December of 2003 and cost as much as 226.7 billion RMB. The outline of Bird’s Nest is basically made up of huge steel structure. The overhead design here is in a shape of a saddle with size 332.3 metres and 296.4 metres. The highest point has reached 68.5 metres whilst the lowest point at 42.8 metres.

Day 4

Visit the YongHe Lama Temple.

Also known as the “Palace of Peace and Harmony Lama Temple”.  It is one of the largest and most important Tibetan Buddhist monasteries in the world.

Play three game matches in the afternoon.

Day 5

Visit The Great Wall.

Built along an east to west line across the historical northern borders of China in part to protect the Chinese Empire.

Visit Ming Tombs.

13 Emperors were buried in this complex.

Day 6 

Visit The Summer Palace

The largest and most well-preserved royal park in China. 

Play three game matches in the afternoon.

 Day 7

Visit the Beijing Zoo.

This zoo was the first of its kind to be opened in China.  Contains a diverse collection of animals, a number of exhibition halls and some sites of historical interest.

Explore the National Museum of China.

This Museum focuses on both history and art and is dedicated to collection, exhibition, research, archaeology, public education and cultural communication.

Day 8

Visit Nanluoguxiang.

Several kilometres of shops, galleries and cafes.

Visit Jingshan Park.

Originally an imperial garden, Jingshan Park is now a public park. It is based on a 45.7m high artificial hill constructed in the Yongle era of the Ming Dynasty.

Day 9

Boating on Huangpu Jiang.

Offers some remarkable views of the Bund and the riverfront city.

Day 10

Spend the day at Zhouzhuang Water Town.

The town boasts the best water town preserved in China. There are many fantastic places and views to visit and see including Twin Bridges, Fuan Bridge, Shen House, Milou Tower and more.

Day 11

Visit the Oriental Pearl TV Tower of Shanghai.

Play three game matches in the afternoon.

Day 12

Travel home.