Fiji Volunteer Coaches Mentor Program

What the Program provides

For every person that books a tour through Intersport Global, including the International Netball Festivals Gold Coast and Fiji, helps one girl in Fiji to attend a week’s Netball Coaching and Mentoring program.

Each girl receives netball coaching, a netball, stationery kit to use for their Mind Tricks' happiness program to help build confidence.

The Mind Tricks Program will assist each girl to create more happiness in themselves, which in turn will give them confidence to achieve more in life.

This program is for Primary School and Secondary School students.

The people of Fiji greatly appreciate all donations

Any other donations that we receive will be taken to various Fijian schools’ shelter orphanages and villages.

A group of selected netball coaches will go to Fiji for a week every year in June or July to coach netball and teach the Fijian girls confidence.


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