Terms of Use

Sports Tours & Attending Intersport Global Events

(School, Club and Associations)

Making a reservation:

Reservations should be made either by fax, email or mailed to head office: nick@intersportglobal.com.au. Your party will then be sent a payment schedule and invoice for the event or tour.

Reservation Conditions:

Group leaders are responsible for the behaviour of their group and must adequately supervise all members at all times where possible. Any damage caused by the group will be invoiced to the group organiser for the full amount of the damaged caused. The group organiser is responsible for checking that all inclusions of their package meet the requirements of the group. The foreign affairs departments of many governments recommend travel insurance which Intersport Global can assist you with. A copy of the code of conduct on the following page must be signed and returned with the deposit.

Payment Methods:

Payment must be made to Trenrose Pty Ltd as Trustee for The Rushton Family Trust. Either by:

1. A cheque made payable to Trenrose Pty Ltd as Trustee for The Rushton Family Trust.
2. A Bank Draft made out to Trenrose Pty Ltd as Trustee for The Rushton Family Trust.
3. A Telegraphic Transfer made out to Trenrose Pty Ltd account. Details available when deposit is required.
4. Credit Card payment, quoting number, expiry date, full name as shown on card. CCV no. Credit card payments attract a 2% administration fee and will be charged at the time the payment is processed.

Payment Schedule:

1. For Private Tours, a deposit of 10% of total invoice value plus travel Insurance if applicable is payable upon booking confirmation.
2. For Schedule events, a deposit to the value stated in the Team Application form plus 10% of the invoice value for airline and additional item charges.
3. At the beginning of the school term after booking a payment of 10% of invoice value.
4. 100 days prior to departure date, 40% of invoice value.
5. 45 days prior to departure date, balance of the invoice value (40%).

Cancellation Policy:

Cancellation of a confirmed booking must be made in writing to our head office in Australia. This will be acknowledged and should you not be acknowledged, please contact Intersport Global Head Office urgently to advise details.  This is your responsibility.

The following cancellation charges apply to the whole group or individuals in the group:

1. After booking, a refund will apply to all parts of the deposit not passed on to third parties up to a period of 100 days before arrival or departure, and a $1000 administration fee.
2. After the third payment (40% of the invoice value), at 100 days before departure or arrival, a withholding of all parts not passed on to third parties, and an administration fee of $1000 or 10% whichever is great of the invoice value.
3. After final payment at 45 days before arrival or departure, 100% of the invoice value. (Hence the additional need for Travel Insurance).


Trenrose Pty Ltd, does not accept any liability for death, personal injury / illness, theft or damage to any group member or their property.  Nor does it accept responsibility for cancellations, delays or changes due to weather, strikes, war or any other matters outside of our control.

Code of Conduct: Original must be signed by the Group Leaders.

1. Group members or competitors who are under the legal alcohol age for the country you are in at the time will not be permitted to consume, purchase or have in their possession, alcoholic beverages, cigarettes or drugs while participating in an Trenrose Pty Ltd Tour or event.
2. Group members must abide by the laws of the country they are currently in, and any breaches could result in a non-refundable instant dismissal from the tour.
3. Group members will not be permitted to partake in any form of gambling while at an Trenrose Pty Ltd event.
4. Competitors must abide by the referees/umpires decision without showing any dissension at all times.
5. Group members will be expected to respect the rights of others at all times regardless of race or religion.
6. Group members will be expected to behave in a manner at all times which will not bring disrepute to the name of Trenrose Pty Ltd or the Club, School or Association to which they belong.

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