The Heritage - The History - The Culture

Experience the history by visiting the memorials of Gallipoli.  Remember the soldiers that lost their lives.

See the sights of Turkey including the impressive Topkapi Palace of Istanbul, Hagia Sophia, the legendary city of Troy, the famous Sultanahmet Blue Mosque, the ancient kingdom of Pergamon, the thermal pools of Pamukkale and the Green Ottoman Complex of Bursa. Take a relaxing Bosphorus boat cruise and visit the Spice Market.  Visit Ephesus and tour the House of Virgin Mary and explore the marble white city.

12 Day Turkey & Greece Historical Tour

A tour loaded with history of Greece and Turkey. There is so much to see, photograph, record and explore on this tour. Add some extra days for your favourite sport or music outlets.

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12 Day Historical Tour of Turkey, Greece & Italy

This tour encompasses so many historical locations throughout three countries of Europe.  Travel on this tour and have the camera ready!

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World War I & Anzac Day Historical Tour

Tour France, Belgium and Turkey visiting the battlefields of the Western Front.  The Great War, the "war to end all wars" experienced terrible losses and cast a shadow over future generations.

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