11 Day Kokoda Trek Tour

Experience the single-file foot track that runs 96 kilometres overland.  Embark on this unforgettable wartime historical adventure with experienced guides.

Sample Itinerary: 

You may choose any dates to travel on this tour.

Day 1

Arrive in Port Moresby and check into your overnight accommodation.

Day 2

Board a charter flight to Kokoda.

Arrive in Kokoda, inspect monuments, memorials, museum and the Australian defensive position on the Kokoda plateau where the gallant 39th Militia Battalion first met the Japanese army on 27 July 1942 - battle site briefing by your Trek leader - Trek to Kovello and Hoi for lunch. Begin the climb over the awesome Owen Stanley Range. Trek through abandoned village sites to Deniki where the first battle after the Australian withdrawal from Kokoda took place.

Day 3

Today we continue to Isurava village - Trek to the magnificent and solemn Isurava Memorial which was opened by Prime Ministers' Sir Michael Somare and The Hon John Howard on the 60th Anniversary of the battle - battle site briefing on the site. Inspect the Isurava battle site - examine weapon pits and discarded armaments - descend to the rear of the position at Back Creek - Trek to the spectacular Alola village and admire the spectacular views back down in the Kokoda Valley.

Day 4

Trek to Iora Creek this was the final obstacle in the Australian advance and the scene of one of the most dramatic situations during the withdrawal from Isurava - savage fighting and bitter memories for those involved - continue on up the spur via the Australian delaying defensive positions - inspect the weapon pits as you proceed - examine one of the key Japanese defensive positions at the top of the ridge - continue Trekking to the Templeton’s Crossing campsite.

Day 5

Depart the Templeton’s Crossing campsite and Trek to the crossing area where the Australians fought a bloody campaign over a 17 day period in October 1942 - the desperation was so great that the Japanese defenders turned to cannibalism for survival. Climb to the Kokoda Gap - enjoy panoramic views back down the Yodda Valley beyond the Kokoda plateau - strategic briefing at the Gap - continue climb to Mt Bellamy -the highest point of the track - enter the enchanted moss forest. Continue Trek through the moss forest to Tovovo lookout over the Efogi valley - spectacular views of Naduri, Kagi, Efogi and Brigade Hill - this is the most populated area of the track. Continue to Naduri Village - meet Ovoru Indiki, one of the few surviving 'Fuzzy-Wuzzy angels'. Ovoru was in Port Moresby when the Japanese first bombed the city. He did not understand what was going on and he fled to the bush in fear. Over the next couple of days Ovoru made his way back to his village - only moving at night because of fear. He told his people what had happened and they began to make arrangements to 'go bush'. Lieutenant Bert Kienzle of the Australian New Guinea Administrative Unit eventually came to the village and enlisted Ovoru and the other men in the village to help the Australians. Ovoru then spent the next three months carrying supplies forward to our troops and carrying our wounded back across the track. It is a great honour to meet the few remaining carriers such as Ovoru during the Trek.

Day 6

Follow wartime track to Efogi Creek then climb to Launumu village - battle site briefing in the forming-up place for the Japanese attack on Brigade Hill - 6000 fanatical Japanese soldiers attacked 1000 Australian defenders in what was to be the biggest battle of the Kokoda campaign - the Japanese referred to it as the battle of the Owen Stanley Range - The Australians refer to it as 'the battle for Brigade Hill' - Trek down to Efogi Village to guest house for the night.

Day 7

Today we climb to the crest of Brigade Hill - inspect positions held by the 2/14th and 2/16th Battalions during the battle of Brigade Hill. Inspect a former Australian gravesite - haunting - battle site briefing - follow track down ridge to Vabuyavi River then climb to Menari village. From Menari climb to the crest of Ladavi saddle to the Menari Gap - follow track to the Nauro swamp area - cross the Nauro River and make camp in Hamuduri Village.

Day 8

Today we climb to the village of Nauro. The village of Nauro has only recently been moved to the current location on the Maguli Range. It was previously on the Nauro River with a good airfield but some say fear of sorcery caused the villagers to move up the mountain. Climb the Maguli Range to the top at Mogolonumu - follow track south - inspect Japanese delaying defensive position with weapon pits and communication trenches. We climb Ioribaiwa Ridge - battle site briefing at the point where the Japanese were finally stopped - inspect weapon pits on the position - descend to Ioribaiwa village.

Day 9

Today we climb Imita Ridge - battle site briefing - descends in the area of the ‘golden staircase’ - Trek through the abandoned village site of Uberi - to our last night camp at the Goldie River.

Day 10

Today is our last climb on the Track as we climb from Goldie River to Owers’ Corner.

Sometimes it almost seems anti climatic in those first few minutes of arrival. Somehow you expect a mayoral reception or a band welcome… then, slowly it sinks in. You HAVE walked the Kokoda Track and the sense of personal achievement grows, along with appreciation of the endeavours and sufferings of those before have truly walked in the footsteps of heroes.

We depart Owers’ Corner for Port Moresby via the Bomana War Cemetery where we pay our respects to the fallen Soldiers. Return to the Hotel.

Day 11

Travel home