Awards & Results

International Netball Festival Fiji

2017 Points Table

FINAL Points Table  



Winner - Fiji Primary 1

Runner Up - Far North Ferns

Third Place - KBL Shine On


Winner - KBL Shine On

Runner Up - Glorious Netters

Third Place - Bankstown Sports


Winner - KBL Shine On

Runner Up - Wakatipu High School

Third Place - Cavendish Road State High School Black


Winner - KBL Shine On

Runner Up - Salad Bowl Fiji

Third Place - Raging Sharpshooters B


Most Valued Player of the Team


Electric Powers – Kyra McLaughlin

Far North Ferns – Kahurangi Raharuhi

Fiji Primary School 1 – Adi Vaui

Fiji Primary School 2 – Laniana

Fiji Primary School 3 – Makereta

KBL Shine On – Brianna Chambers


Bankstown Sports – Sarah Frazer

Cavendish Road State High School Green – Cara Campbell

Glorious Netters – Yvonne Nalewabau

Hunter Valley Grammar School Commets – Keely Kerr

Hunter Valley Grammar School Stars – Bella Murray

KBL Shine On – Arieta

Maitland Rugby Black Dynamite – Josie Cain

Narangba Dynamos 5 – Erin Moriarty

Raging Sharpshooters A – Darcy Goddard


Cavendish Road State High School Black – Francesca Martin

Glorious Netters – Salanieta Kinita

KBL Shine On – Nani Waqaira

Lomaiviti Netball – Iva

St Stephen’s College Chargers 1 – Jekaya Lam

St Stephen’s College Chargers 2 – Phoebe Del Din

Wakatipu High School – Tess Allan


KBL Shine On – Ruci Navugona

Maitland Rugby Black Ruckers – Shanai Williams-McLaughlin

Marlee Netball – Annette Morrison

Penrith Sports Aces – Jocelyn Heffernan

Raging Sharpshooters B – Brooke

Raging Sharpshooters C – Shaye Wilkinson

Salad Bowl Fiji – Rejieli Navabale


Sportsmanship Awards


Electric Powers


Hunter Valley Grammar School Stars


St Stephen’s Chargers 2


Raging Sharpshooters C


Umpire Awards

Loudest whistle: Sai

Best and fairest: Driv

Fastest to the base line: Ovini

The one that smiles the most: Daizy


2016 Points Table

FINAL Points Table - International Netball Festival hosted by Grasshoppers - Fiji 2016 

2016 Awards

Please find listed below, the award winners of the International Netball Festival hosted by Grasshoppers - Fiji 2016 



1st           Grasshoppers 1

2nd          Motivationz Australia – Lightning

3rd           CBM 1


1st           Savuvsavu - Breakers

2nd          Grasshoppers 1

3rd           Motivationz NZ - Black


1st           Grasshoppers

2nd          Motivationz Australia - Storm

3rd           Motivationz NZ - Pink


Fair Play Sportsmanship Award

13’s - Wings 2

15’s - Motivationz NZ - Black

17’s - Woy Woy Peninsula Netball Association - Pelicans


Most Valued Player of the Team


Grasshoppers 1 – Abigail

Grasshoppers 2 – Rossi

Grasshoppers 3 – Lute

Wings 1 – Veniana

Wings 2 – Sarah

CBM 1 – Ili

Motivationz Australia – Lightning – Ivana Hunter-Misky

Firecrackers - Christina


Grasshoppers 1 – Amelia

Grasshoppers 2 – Jima

Motivationz Australia – Pink – Georgie

Motivationz Australia – Black – Ria Kuey

Bhindi Netters – Mereoni

Savusavu – Breakers – Alisi

Motivationz Australia – Thunder – Isabel Baumaris


Grasshoppers 1 – Matila

Motivationz NZ – Pink – Hayley Neill

Woy Woy Peninsula Netball Association – Pelicans – Cali Backhouse

Warwick Senior High School A – Ellie Sanzone

Warwick Senior High School B – Nikki N.

Grasshoppers 2 – Vivita

Motivationz NZ – Black – Jennifer Lewis

Motivations Australia – Storm – Grace Taka


Umpire Awards

Loudest whistle – Tiko

Best and Fairest – Afeca

Fastest to the base line – Waisake

Who smiles most – Dominiko


Description of Awards


Winner of the Final in all Divisions


Runner up in the Final in all Divisions

Team Sportsmanship Award - Fair Play

One team from each Division will be awarded this award. Umpires will pick a team after each game that they feel deserves this achievement.

At the end of the competition the team with the most votes from umpires wins the Team Sportsmanship Award - Fair Play.


Team players 

Fairness to all teams

Encourages all team members

Positive attitude and sportsmanship

Friendly to other teams and umpires

Never gave up, supported their team mates 100%

Most Valued Player from each team

Coaches will nominate this player based on:

Positive player that is valued in the team-a player that showed fairness, encouragement, a positive attitude, friendliness and never gave up

Participation Award

All players attending the Netball Festival that do not receive a Winner's, 2nd or 3rd place trophy will receive a Participation Medal