Sri Lanka

The Unique - The Variety - The Proudness

Like most of the sub-continental countries, Sri Lanka is mad keen on their cricket, and why shouldn't they be, after all they have only been playing test match cricket since 1981 and have already won one world cup - in 1996, and were runners up in the 2007 tournament.

But it is interesting to note that the national sport of Sri Lanka is in fact Volleyball. Rugby enjoys an extensive popularity as does athletics, football and tennis, so there is more meets the eye in a visit to Sri Lanka.

Add to this Yala National Park and the Temple of the Toothe Relic and there is more to do in Sri Lanka than just play sport.

Enjoy a unique experience that is Sri Lanka!

12 Day Cricket Tour in Sri Lanka

Play your best cricket in Sri Lanka against local teams that love the sport. Sri Lanka has come a long way in the international cricket scene since its first appearance in 1975.

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